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What we do differently

We're your advocate, guiding you through any storm.

There are many ways to resolve a dispute. With the right experience and tools, there are more paths to success than you would initially think. When disputes arise, flexibility, a clear head, and knowledge of the law will get you far. We have all that and more, with a track record of resolving civil and commercial disputes, of all sizes, with favorable results.

  • Our experience allows us to advocate for you in an objective, results-oriented manner.
  • We know the rules of the road, even the unwritten ones.
  • Although we build your case one brick at a time, we never lose perspective on the end goal.

Sometimes in order to find a negotiated peace, you must be prepared for battle and your opponent must know that you can and will go all the way if forced. At Nexterra Law, we have tried cases to verdict in State and Federal courts in Florida and are prepared to do so for our clients when necessary. At the same time, the fact that we will often means we don’t have to and our skilled negotiators are prepared to put you in position to win without ever firing a “shot”.

At Nexterra Law, our purpose fuels our passion. As your partner, we remain fully invested in your case and your cause, and naturally, fight hard for you. We are not satisfied with anything less than the best possible results, because neither are you.

Protect What You've Worked So Hard to Build.

We can help you with:

  • Filing and defending lawsuits
  • Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Presuit negotiation

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